DALLAS (KDAF) — What’s better than having a hot dog on a stick? Well, wrapping that hot dog up in a corn-bready casing to take it to greater and tastier heights!

We’re talking everything corn dogs today because Saturday, March 18 is National Corn Dog Day! “The appeal of the corn dog crosses economic boundaries — rich or poor, you’ll have a hard time finding a whole group of people who isn’t down with the corn dog,” National Today said.

The big question is if the fair isn’t in town, where can you get the best corn dogs in town that are not Sonic Drive-In? Well, we checked out a report from Taste Atlas where food experts ranked the best corn dog eateries in the world and a Dallas spot took the No. 1 ranking.

Dallas’ Fletcher’s Corny Dogs is the No. 1 corn dog in the world, here’s a look at the full rankings:

  1. Fletcher’s Corny Dogs – Dallas
  2. Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill – Austin
  3. Little Red Wagon – Anaheim
  4. Bangers & Lace – Chicago
  5. Crif Dogs – New York City
  6. Pronto Pup – Grand Haven
  7. Cozy Dog Drive Inn – Springfield