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A new study from revealed the Dallas Cowboys as the richest sports team in America in 2022.

According to the website, out of the 152 teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, and NHL that were analyzed, the Dallas Cowboys ranked first, followed by the New England Patriots. 

Sideline’s research analyzed each team’s value, annual revenue, and the total money spent on player payroll. Each team was given a score out of 10 for each factor, which was then totalled to give a score on the rich index. The higher the score the richer the team is.

“Sports in America has become a very lucrative business for investors and owners over the years.” said a spokesperson for “As popularity has grown and more money is being pumped in via sponsorships, TV deals and fans spending their money to watch their favourite teams play and rep their team’s brand, it only entices more interest, from not just American fans and businesses, but global audiences and brands.”  

1. Dallas Cowboys, Rich index: 23.45, Titles – 5

The Dallas Cowboys are the richest team in America, worth an estimated $8 billion, they also have the highest average attendance with 86,000 fans travelling to the AT&T Stadium each game day. The Cowboys have a huge annual revenue which exceeds $1 billion and a $162 million payroll, which has increased to $214 million in 2023.  

2. New England Patriots, Rich index: 17.34, Titles – 6    

The Patriots’ franchise is currently worth over $6.4 billion making them the second most valuable NFL team. In 2022 the patriots made over $600 million in revenue. With a payroll of $161 million the Patriots spend only slightly less than the Cowboys, and above average compared to the rest of the NFL ($142 million). 

3. New York Yankees, Rich index: 16.39, Titles – 27   

The New York Yankees are the most accomplished American sports team with 27 World Series wins. The Yankees are the most valuable baseball team and the second richest sports team in all of America (currently worth $6 billion). The franchise brought in almost $500 million in revenue in 2022 and this huge influx of cash gives them buying power with a $210 million payroll for players.  

4. Los Angeles Rams, Rich index: 15.90, Titles – 2 

The LA Rams end 2022 with a value of $6.2 billion and raking in $628 million worth of revenue. This makes them the third richest NFL team, however, due to a lower payroll of only $114 million, the Rams only just miss out on a top 3 spot in this list covering all sports teams.  

5. New York Giants, Rich index: 15.64, Titles – 4 

The New York Giants follow closely behind with a $6 billion valuation and generating $584 million in revenue. This is a huge increase from 2021 when the franchise was valued at $4.9 billion and was only taking in $350 million worth of revenue. Their wage bill however is lower than the NFL average ($142 million) at only $130 million.  

6. Washington Commanders, Rich index: 15.46, Titles – 3 

The Washington Commanders are sixth, missing out on the top 5 by 0.10 points. They are worth $5.6 billion and generated $544 million in revenue in 2022. However, they have a lower payroll of $165 million which leaves them as the sixth richest team.  

7. New York Jets, Rich index: 15.27, Titles – 1 

The New York Jets are currently valued at $5.4 billion and made $519 million in revenue in 2022, up from $345 million in 2021. The Jets also had the second-highest player payroll at $179 million ($242 million including bonuses).  

8. San Francisco 49ers, Rich index: 15.14, Titles – 5 

The 49ers are worth $5.2 billion, gaining $1 billion in value from 2021. The 49ers generated $575 million in revenue over the course of 2022, however, have a lower wage bill of $165 million when compared to some of the bigger spenders in American sports. 

9. Los Angeles Dodgers, Rich index: 14.77, Titles – 7   

The Dodgers are valued at over $4 billion, the second most valuable MLB team. In 2022 the LA-based team made $565 million in revenue and had a player payroll of over $215 million which was one of the highest payrolls out of all American sports teams. This number rises to $288 million if you include any benefits and bonuses.  

10. Philadelphia Eagles, Rich index: 14.16, Titles – 1  

The Eagles occupy the final spot in this list with a valuation of $4.9 billion and a revenue of $547 million. They do have an average wage bill when compared to the rest of the NFL but it’s still slightly less than some of the other big hitters in the American sports leagues.