DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s no secret that players across professional sports not only game on the field but in the video game world as well. You’ll find players in the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS, and all sorts of professional sports leagues with a controller in their hand from time to time.

There’s a certain superstar defensive player for the Dallas Cowboys that isn’t shy about his love for the game on and off the field as he’s very active on Twitter about how good he is at the ever-so-popular video game Madden.

In the middle of August and in the heat of the NFL preseason, Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons doesn’t want to be playing Madden alone. He simply asked who doesn’t have the game on his Twitter page.

Now it seems he’s started to toss out some copies of the game after the linebacker tweeted a screenshot of a thankful fan’s message. It wasn’t long ago Parsons was up to more good as he was giving out free pizza in late July around North Texas.

Time will tell how this young NFL star can continue his stellar start with America’s Team in year two.