DALLAS (KDAF) — The most popular football video game in all the land is slowly but surely releasing the ratings of players in its soon-to-be-released game in 2022 and not everyone is particularly in agreement with their numbers.

Specifically, one of the Dallas Cowboys’ best players and defensive star linebacker has announced his beef with Madden over the speed ratings for NFL running backs. In a tweet, Madden released its top 10 running backs based on their speed with four players ahead of Cowboys running back Tony Pollard.

However the top three wasn’t the issue for Micah Parsons, it was superstar running back for the Tennessee Titans Derrick Henry coming in at No. 4 with a speed rating of 93, one spot ahead of Tony Pollard with the exact same speed rating.

Parsons tweeted, “Madden no way in hell y’all got Derrick Henry faster than my man Tony pollard!! No way!!”

Another Twitter user chimed in and pointed out to Parsons that the two had the same rating, but the young star wasn’t having it, “Equal is the same to me brother!! That means it’s close!! They could go back and fourth ! I’ll bet my life in 5 races Tony wins everytime ! But Probaly 3/5 yards.”

So, basically, all we need is for Derrick Henry and Tony Pollard to race one another to settle this debate. For the heck of it, why not throw the top three in there as well along with Parsons who is in fact, the NFL’s fastest man.