DALLAS (KDAF) — Sports can get a little bit heated. We get it. You want to celebrate a win, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a hard-fought win.

Unfortunately, some of us get carried away, go too far and run our mouths.

In recognition of the art of talking trash, a new survey from VegasInsider looked at which NFL fans talk the most trash. And it looks like Cowboys fans have talked their way to the top.

VegasInsider talked to around 1,000 football fans for this survey.

“… [We] asked how frequently they talk trash as well as which players and coaches run their mouths the most in the league,” officials with VegasInsider said.

Here are all the accolades Cowboys fans earned:

  • Ranked 2nd Biggest Trash Talkers in the NFL
  • Ranked 5th Funniest Trash Talkers in the NFL
  • Ranked 5th Most Intimidating Trash Talkers in the NFL
  • Ranked 2nd Most Savage Trash Talkers in the NFL
  • Ranked 3rd Fan Base that Will Leave You Speechless With Their Trash Talking
  • Ranked 1st Fan Bases that Can’t Back Up Their Trash Talking

You can take this all as high praise or marks of shame. It all depends on the person.

And it’s not just the fans who earned accolades in this survey, coaches and players got shoutouts as well.

Mike McCarthy ranked 5th in NFL coaches who are the biggest trash talkers. Dak Prescott also ranked 5th in NFL quarterbacks who are the biggest trash talkers. And former Cowboys Wide Receiver and Hall of Famer Terrel Owens ranked 3rd as the NFL’s all-time best trash talker.

For the full report, visit VegasInsider.