DALLAS (KDAF) — One of the best desserts known to mankind is the humble cookie and none other than the globally loved chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate is the key to any one person’s heart no matter the age, gender, or background, chocolate really can bring out the best in people. It’s a good day to celebrate it as Friday, Oct. 28 is National Chocolate Day! Chocolate is the number one component that makes chocolate chip cookies what they are.

“Chocolate can enhance even the most luxurious dessert items. On the other hand, you can get your fix from a simple candy bar. Hint: Try for chocolate with a  “high cacao” percentage and low added sugar,” NationalToday said.

So, where in Texas and the country can you get the best chocolate chip cookies? Look no further than a cookie shop in the Big D, according to a report by TastingTable. The report sought to find the best chocolate chip cookies in every state across the U.S.

In Texas, head over to Dallas’ JD’s Chippery, “Everything is bigger in Texas … including the chocolate chip cookies. The semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies from JD’s Chippery melt in your mouth and crumble with ease. The cookies are served fresh and warm, allowing you to watch as the gooey chocolate oozes out of the fluffy pastry,” the report said.