DALLAS (KDAF) — Begun, the cider war has. A recent advertisement from a Dallas cider company pokes fun at Angry Orchard.

Bishop Cider posted a video to its Facebook page last month in which a customer has to choose between two different ciders: Grumpy Grove and Bishop Cider. Grumpy Grove and Bishop Cider both have faces and can talk.

“Steve, you’ve had me like a million times. No reason to change things up bub,” Grump Grove said.

Grumpy Grove is depicted as arrogant and temperamental, whilst Bishop Cider is reassuring patient and overall more chill.

“I guarantee the positive vibes,” Bishop Cider said.

This advertisement is done in good fun though and is very hilarious. If you would like to see so yourself, click here.

For more information on Bishop Cider, visit bishopcider.com.