DALLAS (KDAF) — When you have the opportunity to hop on a show with world-famous chef Gordon Ramsey you don’t hesitate to hop on a plane, train or automobile to make it happen. That’s exactly what a popular chef out of Dallas did.

In episode eight of the 12th season of the Fox show MasterChef starring Gordon Ramsey among other culinary giants, Dallas chef Tiffany Derry was a guest. In the episode, contestants were treated to a cooking demonstration with Derry alongside Ramsey as the two worked together to create a southern fusion take on fish and chips.

The episode’s description says, “The remaining chefs must cook a Southern dish inspired by flavors from countries around the world.” Derry helped the other judges critique the contestants’ dishes that had to fuze together cuisine from the around world with southern flavors.

Derry is no stronger to TV cameras as she’s been featured on Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen and other food shows. In the video player above is an interview with Derry from a 30-minute Second Shot Sitdown. Click here to listen to the full episode.

Her restaurants include:

  • Roots Chicken Shak (Plano & Austin)
  • Roots Southern Table (Farmers Branch)