DALLAS (KDAF) — “Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the floor. Let the bodies hit the FLOOORRR.”

You probably know them from their famous song Bodies, but did you know that rock group Drowning Pool was formed in Dallas? Forming back in 1996, these heavy hitters have released quite a few rock hits, with Bodies, Tear Away and One Finger and Sinner.

Now Drowning Pool is officially introducing the world to a new album on Sept. 30 Strike a Nerve. The album will be released on CD, vinyl and digital.

“The band is tight in every way. We’re firing off on all cylinders. We’re at the top of our game. There are all different ways of saying it, but it all amounts to the same thing – the results are just magic,” Drowning Pool vocalist Jasen Moreno said in a new release. “From the way the record sounds, to the writing of it, to the production, to the look of it – it’s just a perfect Drowning Pool record. None of us could ask for anything more…”

If you want an early preview of the sound of this upcoming album, the band has released a single from Strike a Nerve digitally.

The album tracklist is as follows:

  • Doing Time In Hell
  • Hate Against Hate
  • Stay And Bleed 
  • Strike A Nerve 
  • Racing To A Red Light
  • Choke
  • Everything But You
  • Down In The Dirt
  • Rope
  • A Devil More Damned 
  • Mind Right