DALLAS (KDAF) — Remember, it’s a good thing when you’re slurping your ramen, not only are you eating it right, but you’re enjoying one of the most delicious dishes in the world to its fullest extent.

National Noodle Day is being celebrated on Thursday, October 6, while all noodles are good noodles, we’re talking ramen in this story. NationalToday says, “Eating noodles is super fun, whether you eat them with a spoon and a fork, chopsticks or by slurping them up like in “Lady and the Tramp” a noodle date can be a blast with friends or your significant other. Invite your friends out for a noodle night at any place you can get noodles.”

Mashed put out a report on the best ramen in the entire United States and would you believe that two restaurants from Texas are among the best in the country? If you’re looking for some good ramen in the Lone Star State, these two cities are known for good food, so really, it’s no big surprise.

  • Ramen Tatsu-ya – Austin
    • “From a traditional Tokyo-styled Ol’ Skool (chicken shoyu broth) to original tonkotsu with cha-su and woodear mushrooms, the flavors kick like a snare drum. For something especially unique, try the Tsukemen, a dish of condensed pork broth served with noodles and toppings on the side. It’s made to be dipped, and a bite of it is sure to make you dive and shimmy like you’re on the dance floor,” the report said.
  • Ichigo Ramen Lounge – Dallas
    • “Sapporo-sourced noodles match thoughtfully crafted styles of broth, like the clear-shoyu Chintan which is a lighter option compared to tonkotsu. A chicken Paitan broth meets in the middle of the two, slightly milky but not so rich (per Serious Eats). Then there is the apple and fennel Shio, one of the earthier and sweeter vegetarian ramen styles from any menu,” the report said.

For a full look at Mashed’s report of the absolute best ramen in the U.S., click here.