DALLAS (KDAF) — Brunch is best with your besties by your side. Typically, you can find a good brunch spot wherever you live but where could you partake in the best brunch across the U.S.?

Well, according to LawnStarter, Dallas, Texas could just be one of the best spots for you and your besties to get your mimosas and eggs benedict on. LawnStarter searched out to discover 2022’s best cities for brunch lovers, so here are their findings.

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The top 10 are filled with New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Savannah, San Diego, Denver, San Francisco and Tempe. Where does Dallas land? Well, the great city of Dallas has landed at No. 19 on the list right behind Nashville and in front of Phoenix.

Austin wasn’t too far behind at No. 25 with McKinney being the next Lone Star State representative at No. 39. Houston, Plano, Corpus Christi, Laredo and Frisco also squeaked into the top 100 cities for brunch lovers.

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Their study also found that Houston has the third-most brunch clubs in the U.S. with Dallas and Austin being tied with Chicago at No. 5. You can find more information and the study’s full findings here.