DALLAS (KDAF) — If you hear a familiar voice the next time you’re in a Texas Dairy Queen location, you’re ears aren’t deceiving you.

Josh Abbott has partnered with Dairy Queen restaurants in Texas to bring his unique sound to the iconic jingle “That’s What I Like About Texas” for the restaurant’s “No Place but Texas, Nobody But DQ” campaign.

“Josh Abbott grew up in Idalou, Texas enjoying the treats and eats at his local DQ restaurant,” Lou Romanus, CEO of the Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council, said in a news release. “He loves the brand so much he even shares an ode to DQ restaurants in the lyrics of his song “I’ll Sing About Mine.” Texans are proud of their traditions and DQ restaurants in Texas have been a fixture in this state for 75 years. Josh is a natural fit for this new sound which represents our strong brand in Texas.”

Josh Abbott’s version of “That’s What I Like About Texas” can be found at dqtexas.com/josh-abbott-announcement.