DALLAS (KDAF) — Shortly after the Dallas Cowboys’ season came to an end in their Wild Card matchup with the San Francisco 49ers, fans were seen throwing trash onto the field in disgust of the way the game ended.

Initially, during the post-game press conference Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott was upset that fans threw trash at them for the loss — however, his tune changed once he was told the trash was being thrown at the referees by saying, “Credit to them.”

The Cowboys were dealt 14 penalties to the 49ers nine, for 89 yards compared to 58. At the end of the game, Prescott scrambled for 17 yards to the San Francisco 24 — the team rushed to the line but a referee accidentally ran into the QB while trying to get the ball set and the clock ticked down to zero before Prescott could spike the ball and the game was over.

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While the frustrations with the way the game was refereed simmer for fans and those within the Cowboys organization, the outcome remains and the 49ers are moving on to face the No. 1 seed Green Bay Packers.