DALLAS (KDAF) — In an electric matchup, the Trinity Trojans took the victory in overtime, with the final score being 27-24 Trinity.

Gary Maddox helped lead his team to victory by running three touchdowns in this exciting game.

Sideline report Chris Mycoskie caught up with Maddox after the game for a quick interview. Here is their conversation.

Gary, 25 straight years over Belle. This may be the most hard-fought one yet. What are you feeling at this point?

“I just felt great. It was great to be part of a good win. I’m just happy that my teammates fought. We fought and we stayed in no matter the adversity, or what came my way. We started the season 0-5 and coach told me, ‘It was your leadership by example, that helped turn this thing around,'” Maddox said.

What did you do to make sure this team would get to this point?

“I just stay working hard every day. I never let 0-5 get to me. I always put in the work. I knew we’d see better days. That has come now and we are just going to keep on pushing into the playoffs,” Maddox said.