DALLAS (KDAF) — A climate-forward food company Do Good Foods is launching a new chicken option in North Texas Kroger groceries to help fight food waste.

It’s called Do Good Chicken. Here’s how it helps fight food waste.

Do Good Foods works with grocers to upcycle surplus grocery food. They take unsold grocery food and turn the food into chicken feed. By using fruits, meats, vegetables and bakery items, they are able to create an animal feed option that mimics a chicken’s natural diet; thus cutting down on food waste.

Now, consumers in North Texas will be able to enjoy the delicious chicken that was fed this animal feed option.

“As a climate forward brand, we wanted to partner with a grocery retailer that shared our vision and could help us bring our product to the right audience while being part of the solution to fight food waste and combat climate change,” Justin Kamine, co-CEO and co-Founder of Do Good Foods, said in a news release. “Kroger’s sustainability initiative is totally in line with our mission as a Company, and with this partnership, Kroger is demonstrating its commitment to making an impact on our planet right now.” 

Officials say Do Good Chicken brings a “100% natural, high-quality taste with no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.” Each Do Good Chicken saves about four pounds of surplus groceries from being thrown away.

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