ARLINGTON, Tx (KDAF) — In one week, on Monday, Oct. 3, the City of Arlington’s Public Works Department will start working on a more than $10 million project to make the city’s roads smoother.

Officials say the 2022 Mill and Overlay program will make 29 street segments smoother and extend their lifespans.

The program is designed to resurface and maintain streets categorized as “yellow streets”, otherwise known as roads that need attention to prevent deterioration and costly rebuilds. Improvements include:

  • Milling existing asphalt pavement
  • Repairing road base failures
  • Resurfacing roadways with a new two-inch asphalt surface
  • Replacing sections of dilapidated concrete curbs, gutters and drive approaches

This program is funded by voter-approved Street Maintenance Sales Tax revenue. For more information, click here.