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DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s about time you got your sport on and nowadays pickleball is king and it just so happens that Monday, August 8 is National Pickleball Day!

NationalToday says, “National Pickleball Day is on August 8, and we are here to show you can celebrate the day in a fun-filled way. Do you know that it has been 57 years since Pickleball was invented? The game combines traditional lawn tennis, ping-pong, a.k.a. table tennis, and badminton. The game is played with ping-pong rackets on a badminton court with a tennis net. Similar to tennis, but is less challenging, it’s suitable for people of all ages.”

There are plenty of places across the U.S. to play pickleball and Texas isn’t short of spots. In particular, North Texas has numerous spots around town to get your pickleball on. We checked out Yelp’s list best places and courts to play pickleball:

  • High Point Park Tennis Center
  • Oak Point Recreation Center
  • Brookhaven Country Club – Farmer’s Branch
  • Dove Park Tennis Courts
  • Arlington Tennis Center
  • Texas Open Pickleball
  • Kingdom Performance Academy
  • Franco Racquet Sports
  • Life Time