DALLAS (KDAF) — The morning has shown North Texas residents some gray and gloomy skies as rain chances increase on Tuesday, but not everyone will see rainfall according to the National Weather Service center in Fort Worth.

The region is expected to see rain showers and storms on the second to last day in August and rain chances will be higher across North & Central Texas than in the past couple of days. “Heavy rain will occur as the atmosphere is moisture-rich and humid, and some localized flooding may occur. However, this will NOT be a heavy rain similar to the heavy rain event we had last week where up to 15″ of rain fell in some areas,” the center said.

Rainfall totals will range between 2 to 3 inches in isolated areas. In the graphic below the center answer some key things:

  • Look at those decent rain chances!
  • Do I really need an umbrella today?
  • Will this rain be like the heavy rain event last week?
NWS Fort Worth/Dallas