DALLAS (KDAF) — Dining out should be a fun experience! For some, that means “accepting the challenge”. Dallas has many eateries that offer food challenges throughout the city these are just a few!

Taco Joint’s Breakfast Burrito Challenge

Eat a five-pound burrito with all the fixings in under 30 minutes. This is offered at their Lakewood location, according to FoodChallenges.com.

Mount Hypnotic Ice Cream Challenge

Hypnotic Ice Cream in East Dallas has a cool challenge. You must eat 20 scoops of ice cream in 15 minutes to get your scoops for free!

Kenny’s East Coast 32″ Bada Bing Team Pizza Challenge

This one is a wild one~ Two people have 45 minutes to eat a 32” pizza topped with 50 pepperoni slices. Do you and a partner think you can finish in time? If you win, you receive the $50 pizza free, sweet t-shirts and a team photo on the Wall of Fame.

The Bistro B Pho Challenge

Finish six pounds of noodles and three pounds of meat in under 90 minutes. If you finish in time it’s free and your face on the Wall of Fame!

Would you try any of these challenges?