DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Foodies and ice cream lovers rejoice. The DFW area has never seen quite like Van Leeuwen’s – with ice cream flavors like strawberry margarita to vegan options.

“It’s a family business,” Co-founder Ben Van Leeuwen said. “It’s my brother Pete and I and my best friend laura. It’s not like an old family business – it’s a new family business. We have stores in NYC, here in Dallas – this is our first one, Philadelphia, Houston and Los Angeles.”

Van Leeuwen’s has a serious social media following thanks to their instagrammable scoops.

They’re bringing international gourmet flavors to the metroplex.

“We make good ice cream with good ingredients,” Ben said. “For us, that means lots of cream, lots of eggs and obsessively sourcing what we think are the best flavoring  ingredients from all over the world. Pistachios from Bronte Sicily, Strawberries that are ripened on the plant in the volcanic soils of Oregon, Chocolate from small farms in Ecuador, Tahitian vanilla, Earl Grey tea from the Hunan province in China – stuff like that. We don’t use any unnecessary ingredients. Our vanilla is made with cream, milk, cane sugar, egg yolks and vanilla beans – nothing else.”

Van Leeuwen’s boasts flavors like green tea matcha, strawberry margarita, earl gray, spirulina, buttercake and more.

“You’ll never see palm olive in our ice cream, artificial flavors in our ice cream. This is just flour, eggs, sugar and butter,” Ben said.

This is just a taste of what’s to come in the DFW metroplex. The area’s first Van Leeuwen’s location is in Dallas’s West Village. We can expect a new location in Fort Worth to come soon.