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DALLAS (KDAF) — No matter who you are, or what you’re doing it’s always a fun time to try something new, and a staple in fashion for hundreds of years is the simple act of getting your ears pierced!

What better time to do it than on a holiday weekend as Friday, September 2 is Pierce Your Ears Day! You can get your ears pierced over Labor Day Weekend, show up to work on Tuesday morning, and wow your coworkers with your new look.

NationalToday explains, “This holiday spreads awareness about ear piercing, including the ritual and historical aspects of this body modification. It is one of the things practiced by people worldwide for various reasons. Some do it as a fashion statement; others do it to honor their ancestors. Many do it on a whim because it sounded like a clever idea at the time.”

We want to make sure you know where to go in order to not only get this done the right way but have it look good at the same time! We checked out Yelp’s list of the best spots around Dallas to get your ears pierced:

  • Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art – Lower Greenville
  • Shaman Modifications Body Piercing Studio – East Dallas
  • Wildlike
  • LilyGrace Piercings
  • Artistic Encounter – Deep Ellum
  • Koneko Studio – East Dallas
  • La Lobe
  • The Pin Cushion
  • Hold Fast Tattoos – Lower Greenville
  • Cedar Springs Tattoo & Piercing – Oak Lawn