DALLAS (KDAF) — Monday, Sept. 5 is Labor Day and why not celebrate the day with some delicious cuisine?

On top of it being Labor Day, Monday is also National Samosa Day. But what exactly is a samosa, for those who have never had one?

“Samosas are a fried pyramid-shaped dish filled with onions, potatoes, cheese, peas, and several other filling options. They are extremely popular in India, Egypt, South Africa, and the Middle East. Generally eaten as appetizers, for Samosa fans, it is a three-course meal, and World Samosa Day is a day of festivities,” as NationalToday.com explains.

So, without further ado, here are the best places in Dallas to get a samosa, according to Yelp:

  • O’Desi Aroma
  • Bikaner Sweets
  • Bombay Sweets
  • Hyderabadi Biryani and BBQ
  • Roti Grill
  • Spices of India Kitchen
  • Samosa Hut & Grill
  • Royal Sweets & Fast Food
  • Shivas Bar & Grill
  • Curry Up Now