DALLAS (KDAF) — I’m sure these students were very happy when they found out their student loans were paid off.

Last week, Grammy-winning musician Pharrell Williams made national headlines when he paid off the student loans of five NAACP leaders, some being students and others being graduates.

Those lucky few found this out during an NAACP panel on the student debt crisis among Black students.

One of those students was a North Texas native, Bedford specifically: Channing Hill. Hill is a graduate from Trinity High School in Euless who currently attends Howard University.

She announced on Instagram that she was one of the students Pharrell had chosen to forgive their loans.

“Throughout my 3 years at Howard University I had personally accumulated over $18,000 in student loan debt and that figure becomes multiplied when you add on the loans my parents have accumulated. Today, I enter my senior year with a clean slate,” she said on her Instagram.

To see her reaction, visit her Instagram.