WACO, TEXAS (FOX 44) – Hundreds of Baylor students came together today to fight food insecurity in Waco.

They did this apart of their 58:10 project, using biblical inspiration to shine light on solvable problems.

For this year’s event feeding the funnel, the Baylor community set the goal to pack 100,000 meals in three hours.

Doing 50,000 in their first event last year, they brought in more reinforcements to reach this year’s goal.

“Let’s go big or go home,” said Lauren Farish, clinical assistant professor of accounting at Baylor University. “We’ve expanded our pool of people that are helping us fund the event, and we’re just trying to make a big impact in a short amount of time.”

The gong sounds off as a new wave of Baylor students, faculty, and community members pack bags to help others in need.

Nearly 700 volunteers have a hand in putting together this years event.

“We’re packing meals and having a service event, but it’s supposed to be a party,” said Taylor Belger, junior accounting major.

Belger is emceeing today’s event and is making sure to keep energy high.

“It’s been great. You know, people are troopers. They’re really down to help me out with my quirky little topic questions or to come up and hit the gong. I think we hit the gong maybe seven or eight times,” said Belger.

At each table, teams scooped beans, vegetables, and rice all into bags to then be sealed and boxed.

Each of the packed boxes will go to Caritas to help families in the area.

“Everyone may not be touched by it, but you probably know someone who has been, and we see this as a need,” said Farish. “In the accounting department here at Baylor, we have the availability and the processes to where we can make this happen.”

Sophomore business fellow, Alexa Mendes was a part of last year’s event, and is now leading her honor’s college team to give back.

“It’s going to be great to be able to make a difference and really impact them, the people who need it in that way, and to be able to provide since we are so blessed to be here at such a great university, we can then turn around and use the gifts that we’ve been given to help others as well,” said Mendes.

The community was able to reach their goal of 100,000 to pack 101,592 meals.