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DALLAS (KDAF) — Everyone loves babies and baby animals are some of the cutest babies Earth will see and the Dallas Zoo is presenting another adorable baby to the world. They’re sharing with the world its newest white-cheeked gibbon who was born on August 11.

The baby is strong and healthy the zoo explains, “Guests won’t see him on habitat yet, but you might hear him vocalizing or see our zoologists moving around with him behind the habitat on Primate Place.”

This little one’s parents, mom Tualand and dad Daxin produced a strong and healthy baby. The zoo shared an immersive update on the early days of this baby gibbon’s life and what it will look like in the days to come:

“The team is closely involved with his care for the time being after mom and dad did not show much initial instinct to care for him, despite two attempts at re-introductions in the first week or so.

We know maternal care is learned, and it is common for mothers to need time to acclimate to their new role, especially for first time moms like Tualang. So the primate team was able to step in from day one and care for the baby round the clock to try to give mom time to get her bearings. They are feeding him formula every two hours, weighing him, checking his temperature, and delivering consistent and responsive care for this little one to make sure he is healthy.

Also critical is ensuring this care takes place very near mom and dad, and that Tualang is allowed to be near him as often as she likes – the hope is that over time, she becomes more comfortable with his presence and that we can continue with our re-introduction attempts to reunite the family. It’s interesting to note that Tualang herself was raised by her mother Millie, while Millie was hand-raised here at the Dallas Zoo – so the team is prepared to manage the gibbon family no matter which direction this leads.”

Dallas Zoo wrote on Facebook