DALLAS (KDAF) — For the month of AAPI, we are highlighting different Asian-owned businesses in the Dallas area.

It is in the spirit of celebration and community that we shine a spotlight on local businesses, aiming to highlight their contributions to the local economy and the shaping of the cultural fabric in the city.

Boba Republic is known for its Taiwanese-inspired boba tea, as well as its smoothies and other blended drinks. Houston native, Co-owner David Kim shared a little bit about the business and what it’s like being a young Korean-American entrepreneur.

Credit: Boba Republic

“What inspired us to start the milk tea business Boba Republic, is because we believe, as the world becomes more global — Asian culture is becoming very prominent, and just the everyday entertainment. You know, we felt being able to start a business that’s inspired by a Taiwanese dessert, is a pretty fulfilling business endeavor, in our opinion,” He said.

The drink shop is developing on expanding not only their menu but how they serve the community too. Kim said customers can look out for new menu items as they are developing cookie recipes and are even in talks of a food truck.

Kim said the best advice he can offer for those wanting to know how to support local businesses is to be patient.

“My best suggestion is for people just to be as understanding and empathetic as possible. But also obviously, the customer service and the product itself, as entrepreneurs, we got to make sure it’s aligned, right? So the expectation is a two-way street. So I do want to say it’s challenging on both sides, but I feel like if everyone does their best and try to be empathetic and make sure they do their job, I think it’ll be the best way to support Asian-owned businesses.” Kim said.

For more information on Boba Republic make sure to check their website and follow their Instagram.