DALLAS (KDAF) — October is underway as the fall season continues and October 4, one of the best food days of the year, is National Taco Day. Even better, it’s a Tuesday, making this the Taco Tuesday of 2022.

When you want tacos, and we mean, good tacos, you’ll probably go to a local Mexican restaurant, munch on some chips and salsa, have a margarita or two, and eat your choice of meat in your tacos. NationalToday said, “You’ll be amazed at the various locations you’ll find nearby. Walk in and enjoy a finely crafted taco at your fingertips.”

A report from Restaurant clicks found the top-rated Mexican restaurants in the entire country and one could assume each of these eateries has some delicious tacos on their menus. “The large Mexican population and influence in the USA means there is no shortage of delicious Mexican food all around the country. The USA is also home to some of the most famous and beloved Mexican chefs who use home-grown American ingredients,” the report says.

On this list, Texas is, of course, well represented with three restaurants ranked in the top 13:

  • Hugo’s – Houston
    • “Hugo’s is some of the most authentic Mexican food you’ll find north of the border. Ortega stays true to the flavors and ingredients of his home with almost no American influence.”
  • El Naranjo – Austin
    • “The De La Vega’s specialize in traditional Mexican food from multiple regions. They make all of their ingredients from scratch, including tortillas with Heirloom Corn imported from local Mexican farms.”
  • Xochi – Houston
    • “This beloved establishment is a specific love letter to the Oaxaca region of Mexico in both decor and food.”

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