DALLAS (KDAF) — Man, oh man, Texas barbecue just keeps holding itself on the highest of pedestals when it comes to cooking meats in the country.

One of the staples of barbecue not only in Texas but across the country is pulled pork, and it just so happens to be National Pulled Pork Day on Wednesday, October 12!

NationalToday says, “Whip up some nachos topped with pulled pork, make pulled pork tacos, complete baked potatoes with a dollop of pulled pork, or fill phyllo dough with pulled pork for a fun appetizer option.”

However, if you’re not feeling like cooking at home, and want to ensure you feed yourself and your friends/family the highest quality of barbecue, keep reading. When it comes to eating BBQ, yes, there are certain spots in Texas that are better than others around the state, even the country and according to a report from TasteAtlas, even the world.

Two restaurants from Dallas and one from the Central Texas giant, Austin cracked the top five of the best pulled pork restaurants in the entire world. Now, that’s no small feat, there are a lot of BBQ restaurants out there, but as you know, everything is bigger in Texas.

  • Pecan Lodge, No. 1 – Dallas
  • 18th & Vine, No. 2 – Dallas
  • Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, No. 4 – Austin

These restaurants were ranked so high, not only due to their work feeding the community it serves but also because of the high regard food critics/experts held in their reviews.