(DALLAS)KDAF— It’s time to play Texas Powerball! With a jackpot of $190 million, it’s an opportunity that you don’t want to miss! Here’s how to get in on the action:

1. Buy a ticket. Powerball tickets can be purchased at any authorized retailer in Texas. Find a retailer near you by visiting the Texas Lottery website.

2. Choose your numbers. You can either choose your own numbers or opt for a Quick Pick and let the computer randomly choose them for you.

3. Pay for your ticket. The cost of a single Powerball ticket is $2.

4. Wait for the drawing. The drawing takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evening at 10 pm.

5. Check your numbers. After the drawing, compare your numbers to the winning numbers displayed on the Texas Lottery website.

The numbers from Tuesday’s drawing were 9,38,48,52,68 and 25.

Still with no winners! The Powerball has climbed to $190 million with a cash option of $97.6 million for Thursday’s drawing. Make sure you play tonight!