Dallas organization maps out suspected illegal massage businesses

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DALLAS — They’re the brothels next door and one local group is out to raise awareness of Illegal Massage Businesses in Texas.
Today, Children at Risk presented an analysis of suspected Illegal Massage Business in Texas, where illicit sexual activity takes place and the results are staggering.

“Just in Dallas County there are 97 suspected illegal massage businesses,” said Dr. Robert Sanborn, CEO of Children at Risk.

Pulling from explicit reviews made online, they’ve created an interactive map showing you where these suspected businesses are that traffic in sex. They’ve juxtaposed it with local schools and the numbers show that over 12,000 local kids attend a school less than a thousand feet from one of these joints.

For example, Dallas ISD’s Tom W. Field Elementary is just half a mile from FIVE suspected IMBs.

“We should be ashamed that we have these establishments so close to our schools,” Sanborn said.

Children at Risk is working with the Dallas Sheriff’s Office as well as the Texas Attorney General to shut down these seedy spots, but their strategy isn’t just focused on the illegal sex but the technicalities of operating without a license.

“These task forces can go in and they can look at municipality ordinances,” said Deputy Chief Patrick Bonner with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. “Those are the easiest ways of shutting these businesses down.”

But with nearly 100 spots just in Dallas County they’ll have their hands full, but thanks to this research they now have what it takes to make sure these suspected sex traffickers don’t have a happy ending.

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