Local Actors Reflect On Christina Grimmie’s Final Music Videos

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DALLAS — It’s been two months since YouTube pop star Christina Grimmie was killed following a concert in Orlando, but last week her fans got an unexpected treat when the first of four music videos recorded before her death was released.

It’s already at over a million views, and for three local actors who starred alongside Christina in the video, the whole moment has been something special.

“It’s leaving with a positive tone to her life and letting that be the last image rather than the tragic thing that happened,” said Liza Wilk one of the actresses in the music video.

“Her legacy still lives on and that’s why we’re so glad to be part of it, it’s so crazy!” Ashley D. Merritt, who played Christina’s best friend in the video, said.

Being on set, they quickly discovered that Christina’s musical talent was truly amazing.

“Our director, King, he was thinking that the track kept playing over and over again, and he’s like, ‘Someone shut that off, where is that?’” said Wilk. “And we were just like, that’s just her singing! Like [she] has perfect pitch!”

“She does, it’s so incredible,” agreed C.G. Lewis, Christina’s “prince” in the music video. “She’ll just be walking around, she’ll be in the moment, hitting her mark and she’ll just be singing.”

And they say Christina was as kind and down to earth as you could imagine a superstar ever being.

“I remember talking to her for the first time and just having a 30 minute conversation about boys,” laughed Wilk. “And then we’re like, ‘OK let’s go dance now!’ It was awesome.”

Now they’ve been able to see first hand the outpouring of love and support from Grimmie’s dedicated fans.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Merritt. “We’re just so thankful to have that response and make them proud.”

All close friends now, Liza, C.G. and Ashley didn’t even know each other before the music video. So in a way, their friendship is yet another part of Christina Grimmie’s amazing legacy.

“We didn’t meet some celebrity for a moment and then that moment passes and she was gone,” Lewis reflected. “We met a friend and we made a life long friend that we’re never going to forget.”

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