Living Large: Texans Land on Fattest List

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We’ve heard it over and over.

We’re overweight, as a nation and especially as a state. Nearly a third of us in Texas are considered obese. That makes us the tenth fattest state in the country.

“These are alarming numbers,” said Marzia Prince, a nutrition expert.

She says there’s a reason folks Texas and other southern states have grown so large.

“It’s definitely the food,” she said.” “I mean, we live in a fast-paced society today.”

So what do we do about it?

‘You have to eat more fruits and vegetables. That’s the bottom line,” Prince said. “Right now the obesity epidemic is a $200 billion crisis. It’s crazy.”

There’s got to be more to it, right?

“I absolutely blame this on social media, and fancy marketing and the next fad diet and the next cool workout,” she said. “They are preying on people’s weakness.”

Yeah, but mommy and daddy get some of the blame, too.

“Our children are watching us,” Prince said. “We are in charge of what we put in their mouths and their physical activities as parents.”

Four states are bucking the trend. Their obesity numbers are actually dropping. Lawmakers and schools are paying more attention to what kids eat at school.

So if you know you need to lose weight but you can’t seem to do it for yourself, maybe you can do it for your loved ones.

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