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DALLAS — Most of us are aware that there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating the golden resume. But what wordplay do you use to impress your way into a job interview?

NewsFix hit the streets to find out.

“I use words like luxury, management,” Willie Johnson said.

“Dependable, charismatic,” Rodney Upchurch said.

“I use words that make me sound intelligent,” Bill Barry added.  “Creative, I use that word.”

But not so fast, according to resume super site LinkedIn’s “2014 Most Overused Buzzword List.”  Favorites like creative, passionate, and motivated all made the Top 10.

“I think those words are overused because I see those on a lot of resumes I get from interns,” Johnson said.

“It could be words that people just throw out there as the common word, not their own word,” Melanie Upchurch mentioned.

Track Record, Expert, and Organizational also made the list.

“I wouldn’t really say organizational because I’m not organized,” Barry said.

Talk about an A+ for honesty! If you need words that meet and exceed your expectations, take a tip from the experts.

“We do resumes, career coaching, LinkedIn Profiles. When was the last time you’ve thought to search on a database like that for ‘creative?’ Like never,” Paula Asinof, Founder and Principal for Yellow Brick Path Career Management Coaching and Consulting said.

“You’re searching for the functional skill sets of the person who can do the job, like, marketing or project management. That doesn’t mean there’s not a place for those words.”

“Good luck to everybody trying to find a job out there,” Barry said.

Now that’s motivating!