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DALLAS — If you’re looking for a side hustle, LimeBike might have an opportunity for you. The transportation company, widely know for their bike sharing program, recently put scooters on the street. Now, they have positions rolling around for juicers!

These workers are responsible for putting the juice back into dead scooters.

“Our juicers, it’s an independent contractor, they pick them up every night. As the battery goes below a certain percentage they show up on our juicer app, and they can go pick them up.” Jeff Roberts, the Operations Manager of Limebike, said. “They get paid between five and 12 dollars per night, per scooter. They could go and pick up 10 if they can charge that number of scooters every night. So they could make anywhere from $50 to $100 a night just for picking up and charging scooters.”

Aside from the cash, it’s also a way to help clean up the streets around town.

Hey, the scooters seem to be a hit, so why not squeeze a little extra money out of it!