Facebook Pays $10K for Employees to Relocate

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MENLO PARK, CA -- Most hard working Americans are always looking for that next gig that will pay them big bucks, right? Well, what if we told you Facebook is cutting some of their employees a $10,000 check just to move closer to the headquarters in Menlo Park, California?

It's no secret, the social media giant is bringing in big bucks these days, so it's no wonder they can drop cash like that on the drop of a dime!

But,  according to our calculations, $10 G's in San Francisco might not go as far as you think. Since qualified employees must purchase or rent a home within 10 miles of the job located on Hacker Way, the cost of living could easily max out the one-time payment.

Get this: The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the area is about $3,600/month. If you're thinking of renting out a house or condo -- then you can expect to dish out more than $6,000!


So, unless Mark Zuckerburg has all his employees on a six-figure salary, this kind of payout may be a dislike more than a like!

Check out this video on working at Facebook:

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