Like chocolate and toys? Here are a couple jobs you should consider

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EAST HANOVER, NJ – Every chocolate lover’s dream could become a reality. The company behind some of your favorite treats – like Chips Ahoy and Oreo – called Mondelez International just listed an ad on LinkedIn saying they’re looking for part-time chocolate testers.

Where do you sign up, right?! Well, before you drop everything to munch on chocolate all day long, you’ll want to know – the job’s in England.

But if this is for you then this may be your golden ticket!  Tasters will need to give honest and articulate feedback with a team of panelists to help launch new products worldwide.

If relocating to another country isn’t something you want to toy with, then maybe Netflix has the job for you as they try to forge their way into – the toy business! They want to take advantage of their popular shows and make money by making toys, shirts, mugs, and other merchandise.

So naturally, they need someone to head this up! That means if you like toys, movies, and have a knack for business – you may have a good chance at helping mold the Netflix of the future. For this gig, though, the chocolate is sold separately.

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