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DALLAS, Texas (KDAF) — Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson thinks the city and county are going in the right direction in regards to the pandemic, but he’s still cautious about being too congratulatory.

Dallas County has now exceeded 70,000 cases of coronavirus and over 900 related deaths. However, recent numbers do show a bit of a slowdown.

While he says we have gotten better at things like wearing a mask at all times, Johnson doesn’t want to heap too much praise on the recent downward trends.

“My hesitancy in giving us too much public credit for what we’re doing,” he says, “is not because we’re not doing a decent job, it’s just because it’s human nature. I don’t want us to take our foot off the gas. I don’t want us to think for half a second ‘hey, we’ve got this thing under control.'”

The numbers might be going down, but Johnson doesn’t want to see the 50 people birthday parties start taking place.

Johnson is especially concern that the coronavirus will soon be combined with the flu season. He says “we need to make sure we are not getting complacent.”