Lifestyle brand, Adorned by Chi ✨, is erasing the angry black woman stigma

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DALLAS - Adorned by Chi, a lifestyle brand created by Jacque Aye, is erasing the angry black woman stigma and embracing their soft, cutesy and girly traits.

A freelance social media marketer and graphic designer, Jacque started Adorned by Chi for a creative outlet during the start of her entrepreneurial journey in Dallas. Her cutesy tees, home decor and accessories gained popularity on social media, giving her e-commerce success.

Originally found on Tumblr, Jacque uses the term "Soft Black Girls" to describe black women who match the quirky, girly, pastel, unicorn aesthetic.

"While aesthetically, 'soft' is used to describe the styles found at Adorned by Chi - cutesy, flowy, girly, etc. - I also think 'Soft Black Girl' is a term that deviates away from the stereotype that Black women are always angry or hardened," Jacque says, "Black women can be angry, and we should be allowed to be and express a wide range of emotions, just like everyone else."

Growing up, there weren't many influences in the media for Jacque that weren't stereotypical black women. With more women like Issa Rae, Michaela Coel and Janelle Monae positively representing for the nerdy, awkward black girl in the media, she believes that there is a breakthrough in the stigma.

Jacque's goal for Adorned by Chi is to broaden the scope of how black women are seen.

"Unfortunately, the angry Black woman stereotype has been used to dehumanize us and justify violence against us, and I'm hoping to broaden the spectrum... Yes, we can be fiery and passionate, but we can also be soft and worth protecting. We can be anything we want to be, really!"

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