Lice Ladies Store Opening In Rockwall

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ROCKWALL— They attack when you least expect it, they survive by feeding on human blood, and they live in your hair. That’s right, it's the attack of the super lice.

“Eventually, all the head lice here in the states will be what we call super lice,” said Jennie Lasater,  founding owner of Lice Ladies.

Yeah, it’s not science fiction. Lice are getting harder and harder to get rid of. That's leaving many folks scratching their heads on how to squash this bug problem.

“Most children within their school years will get head lice at least one or two times,” Lasater said

“For me, it was just a nuisance and a hassle, quite honestly. Not only did my daughter have to be checked because she had lice, but everybody in the house had to be checked as well.”

Rachel Silverstein has gone through the bug battle more than once. In fact, to get her daughter lice-free the first time she turned to the Lice Ladies out of Atlanta. These professional nit pickers have developed a new treatment to get rid of the pesky pest.

“It aids in resolving the glue that the nits, which are the eggs, are stuck to the hair shaft with. So you can acutely comb everything out.” Lasater said.

Rachel was so impressed with the product when her own daughter got lice the second time around she decided to open up a lice ladies store in Rockwall and the grand opening is Saturday.

“Lice Ladies was special. I felt it was something that was needed here in Dallas that we don't have at this time,” Silverstein said.

So now that DFW has the Lice Ladies, it should be time to roll the credits on  the attack of the super lice.

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