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LEWISVILLE, TX — Nichole Dunigan was never into Pokémon until she crocheted her first one. Her homemade Pokémons blew up with her kids so she went to a park in Lewisville, hid a few in the Poké ring and sat back to check it out.

“Yea, it’s really cool, I ride my bike and I’ll see these people look in the bushes and I’m like, ‘why are you looking in the bushes? There’s not any virtual Pokemon’s in the bushes,’”said Dunigan.

The little Crochet Go’s are a hit. People find them, and Facebook Dunigan on the hunt. “Yea this little girl she’s like we’re just playing Pokémon and she found a real Pokémon. She’s like, ‘can I take it home?’ That’s why I put the tag on there, you can take it home,” said Dunigan.

Dunigan has been getting so many requests from people wanting to buy her Crochet Go’s but she says she can barely keep up with the one’s she hides. While she hand makes them one at a time, her Poké project is taking the game to a new level.