Let’s Play Gaming Expo Brings Together Video Game History and Future

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PLANO, TX — Whether it’s stand-up arcade classics, or the latest and greatest in graphics, there was something for everyone at the Let’s Play Gaming Expo in Plano.

“This is our second year of the Lets Play Gaming Expo.” said Trey Fondren, “Basically you come inside, you get your badge and the everything is just put your hands on and play.”

he expo hosted one of the state’s largest Smash Bros. tournaments, and there were almost as many spectators as there were players.

That’s been one of the biggest changes to video gaming in recent years: thanks to sites like YouTube and Twitch, online gamers have turned button mashing into a spectator sport.

“It’s pretty crazy, all of us have had to change what we’ve done over the years.” said Fondren, “Back when I was a kid we used to be able to sit down with our friends and play because you could play on the same screen, now we have to bring these Twitch steamers, these guys in and it’s almost like having them on the couch with you, so it’s a little old school feel but with new technology and stuff like that.”

But it just goes to show, whether it’s playing the newest game with guys a thousand miles away, or standing in a crowd around an arcade machine with a stack of quarters, solo gaming is never as fun as taking on a pixelated world with a team!

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