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DALLAS — When Elsa showed up at Dallas Animal Services, it was like she was frozen.

“She was very scared, timid, and super lethargic, and we didn’t know why,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

It reminded them of a young Elsa in Disney’s Frozen, turning everyone away while hiding out in her room. The circumstances, though, were much different.

“Turns out, she was pregnant, and by pregnant I mean she had 11 puppies, and they were all healthy,” Edman said. “You can’t imagine that this beautiful dog was carrying that many living puppies inside her.”

11 pups, and they were all originals. And we mean originals!

“They were a wide variety of pups from looking like a short hair to Shar Pei, you name it,” Edman laughed. “I don’t know what Elsa was doing on the streets, but she had quite a few different looking pups.”

The pups are gone to good homes, and now you have the chance to help her say, ‘Let it go!’ to her troubled past.

“She has a lot of energy, so she needs a family that can play with her, maybe even go jogging with her,” Edman said.

Judging by the picture below, she’s even up for a little Napoleon Dynamite-style photo shoot!

Come on, y’all! This Elsa’s no ice queen! She’s ready for someone to help a queen find her castle!

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