Legal Fling? There are REALLY apps out there for sexual consent

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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS-- Picture this: You go out, meet a person and decide to take the "party" back to your crib. One thing leads to another and then voila... the person you're fancying whips out a mobile consent form for sex!

Well, that's exactly what things have seemingly come to in this digital age.

It's all thanks to apps like Legal Fling.

The app actually gives the opportunity for potential sex partners to sign off on a legal agreement to "get it on."

With a swipe of your finger, you can also give consent for certain "acts" leading up to the bedroom!

So ... ask yourself this:

Considering all the sexual harassment and assault allegations coming out of Hollywood could this come in handy?

Now ... just think about this:

With this app you now have a "yes" to sex filed right in your phone.

It would be hard for the person to drag your name through the mud even if they change their mind after they've given the thumbs up!

But app or not many people think a contracted one night stand is just SO unromantic!

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