Lee Harvey Oswald Mural Drawing up Controversy

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DALLAS — For Christain Avanti, his new Oak Cliff barbershop, Members Only, is packing them in for a low fade. But now the talk of the shop is about his artwork. A giant painting of Lee Harvey Oswald.

“It’s not to idolize him in any way. It’s just a piece of art,” Avanti says.

But after being up for two weeks, the reviews are in and the critics are out. “I think that would be disrespectful.” said one tourist. “it’s good art,” said another.

“I think that would be disrespectful,” said one tourist.

“It’s good art,” said another.

Avanti thought the painting would be a good fit in the Oak Cliff area, especially because Oswald lived in the neighborhood.

“There are people that sell shirts, they have tours, they even have a bar named Lee Harvey’s, and I don’t see them getting the negative attention like this pictures getting,” said Avanti.

Buses bring tourist by the Oswald House up to six times a day. And tour operators say there’s more curiosity than backlash about him.

“Mostly there are a few Oak Cliff-ites that have grown up here, and they have a negative taste in their mouth about Lee Harvey Oswald,” said Patricia Hall, a homeowner in Oak Cliff.

Lee Harvey’s bar says they get no haters. As for Members Only barbershop, the painting stays.

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