Lebron James Opts Out of Contract

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DALLAS – The decision has been made – sort of. Lebron James is reportedly saying “finito” to his contract with the Miami Heat and will become a free agent July 1.

It seems hard to believe after all of the championship talk, stating his Miami Heat team would win 7 or more titles.

What does this mean for Dallas? Is there a possibility of King James becoming a Maverick?

Is that what Dallas fans want?

“If you got a chance to get Lebron James, the best player in basketball, I think that’s a smart move if you can do without rocking the boat,” Greg Miller said.

“I believe if [the Mavericks] get Lebron James, they can turn them from a playoff team to a championship team overnight,” Desmond Dixon said.

Whatever the outcome, let’s hope the decision-making process isn’t as over-blown as last time.

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