Leaving around your bike share rides in the way can be dangerous for the blind

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DALLAS- It's no secret, we've all pretty much had it with the bikes. They're everywhere and it sucks.

But for folks who are blind or visually impaired, wheels left in the wrong spot can be dangerous.

"Off into the grass is certainly better than right in the middle of the sidewalk," said Blake Lindsay from the Dallas Lighthouse from the Blind.  "We people who are blind or visually impaired just have to use our canes better than we ever have before."

So how do you need to place your bikes to keep things safe?

It's simple. If you leave the bike in the middle of the sidewalk or on its side, we need you to do better. Lindsay says he can use echo-location to judge where things are...if they're high enough.

"If I'm walking past something, and it's waist high or higher, then it guides me to walk around it," Lindsay said. "My ears are my eyes for me at that point, but if a bike is laying on its side, then it's too low."

So give us all a break, and mosey on over to the grass, park your ride upright, and go about your day!

With thousands of bikes rolling through the Dallas streets, we need everyone to do their part.

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