‘Leave Us Alone!’ Sand Branch Fights Dallas County’s Buyout Plan

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SANDBRANCH, Texas — It’s hard to believe people who live in Sand Branch can’t even remember the last time they had running water. And  just when they thought their glasses were half-full, they’ve found themselves back in hot water.

“We need some help. We need a lot of help,” one resident told NewsFix.

Dallas County Commissioners recently announced a plan to work with a handful of companies to finally provide the community with clean, running water and a working sewer system. But now, the community has gotten word that instead of fixing the water problem, the commissioners are drafting a plan to buy out and relocate the people who live there.

Now, Sand Branch’s future is looking as unclear as the water they’ve been unable to drink for years.

Residents gathered at Mt. Zion Baptist Church Tuesday morning to make it clear there’s no amount of money that can get them to leave, even if it means coming up with a plan of their own.

“It is not an option. This is home, this is where we’ve been for a 138 years,” explained Pastor Eugene Keahey. “We’re going to clean up our community and we’re not asking Dallas County to help us. We’re not even asking for trash bags!”

In a statement to NewsFix, County Commissioner John Wiley Price says based on the community’s floodplain location, it’s not “realistically possible to provide Sand Branch with water and sewer service.”

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