Learning Respect: Former NFL WR Tim Brown Talks About Book ‘The Making of a Man’

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DALLAS - Let’s face it, the NFL and Roger Goodell have seen better days. The league has been sacked by recent scandals involving alleged abuse and at least five of its star players.

Now, one former pro player hopes to snap that trend. Former Oakland Raider and Dallas native, Tim Brown, just wrote the book The Making of a Man. On Saturday he and his wife hosted the “His and Hers” event at the Methodist Charlton Medical Center.

“It`s sort of right on time at this particular point with everything that`s happening, and what these young guys have to understand is that the lifestyle that they`re trying to live is just too impossible with all the money and the social media and all the stuff that they have now," Brown said. “They`re going to need some help and the only help that can help them is the Biblical principles and things of that nature.”

The Heisman Trophy winner and nine-time Pro Bowler thinks his life can serve as an example to the up and coming players in the league.

“I`m trying to get books out to every GM and to every player in the league here relatively soon.”

“When I was 28, 29 years old I decided I was going to live by the principles of the Bible as much as I possibly could;  if it worked for me, it could work for other people too, so that's why we wrote the book.”

Just a good reminder that the bad eggs might grab the headlines but the good guys can still make a difference.

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