League of Their Own: NFL Hires Women to Shape Domestic Violence Policy

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NEW YORK, NY —  CoverGirl is known for putting beautiful women on their picture perfect ads and commercials.

Yeah, they’ve even been under fire for doing a little too much photoshopping. But the makeup company’s football ad — ‘Get Your  Game Face On’ — has gotten some photoshopping of its own.

In the heat of all the Ray Rice drama, a Jersey-wearing model sporting a black eye hit Twitter over the weekend.

Monday, CoverGirl responded to the tweaked ad on its Facebook page stating that they have “encouraged the NFL to take swift action on their path forward to address the issue of domestic violence.”

Female protests are rallying for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to resign.

In the wake of all the negative attention, Goodell has tried to dig himself out of trouble. He’s hired four new senior advisers, and get this — they’re all women!

These women are supposed to come in and help shape up the league on domestic violence and sexual assault policies.

Hmm… maybe the NFL will soon stand for something different.

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