Lead, arsenic found in some baby foods

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Anyone want their breakfast cereal with a side of weed killer?

Well, your morning cheerios might be contaminated and your baby's food could be too.

Environmental Research and Advocacy Group found traces of herbicide in Quaker Oats and other breakfast foods that could increase cancer risk for kids.

"Contaminates in food is a common concern," said Melissa Guase, a Dietitian and Lactation Consultant.

But, don't throw out your General Mills just yet. They say that their products are safe and meet quality standards.

"It is a concern but it's impossible to eliminate everything though and so just emphasis on moderation and variety is important," Guase says.

Moderation is key, especially with processed baby food.

Store bought baby food does meet FDA regulations, but still contains traces of heavy metals.

"When you buy it at the store it's more processed and it's processed by these large food companies," Guase says.

A new analysis from consumer reports suggest parents may want to limit their babies' intake of packaged baby food, more specifically those jars of beechnut.

There are higher amounts of naturally occurring arsenic in these healthy and safe baby food, but, they just recommend at least rotate them with other foods to reduce the risk of exposure to heavy metals.

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